Thursday, June 18, 2009

Something Has Caught Her Eye

I was recently commissioned to paint one of my pretty girls in a new dress. Everyone close to me will happily tell you what a clothes horse I am, so who was I to say no. For a consummate shopper, finding just the right dress in that perfect shade of robin's egg blue can be a welcome challenge. Below are all the steps taken to give one of my favorite friends a new outfit. Something Has Caught Her Eye is acrylic paint on heavyweight rag board, 16x20".

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Day at The Beach

I have had the urge to continue on with my A Day at The Beach series. With the added push to create a commissioned new piece I began work on two new scenes. Both paintings below are watercolor paint on canvas that has been treated for wet media. The canvas surface has a unique absorption that can be a bit tricky. I have come to enjoy the challenge and love creating the leisurely days at the beach.
Top: Surf Buddies; Bottom: The Break at Pico-Sold, prints available.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yart Sale

It's time for the Second Annual Yart Sale on Etsy. Many shops participate by offering a variety of discounts. I'm joining in!!
For this week only, June 10th-14th-I am offering 20% Off all my Handmade/Hand-Knit Scarves, and I also have Free Shipping on all unframed original art, fine art prints and photographs in my shop. So come by and check it out, maybe this is the day you buy that painting you have had your eye on...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Change Your Latitude

I feel as if I have been neglecting this lonely blog of mine lately. I apologize for the lack of fascinating posts. It is not that I haven't wanted to fill my few followers in to my work in progress-it's just that I have been too busy actually working on new art to document it in this way-but soon. I have on my calendar new commissioned work as well as additional pieces to continue "My Girls" series and "Day at the Beach" series. I am, as I write this, waiting for larger canvas and rag boards to arrive for the actual work to begin. In the meantime let me leave you with one of my leisurely images from my "Day at the Beach" series. It makes me want for that casual day when my commitments can wait and there are no worries...

Change Your Latitude is a watercolor painting on canvas,
5 x 10". Sold, prints available.


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