Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer Blues

So. It's 106 degrees here today and I am focused on cold-weather accessories and holiday decorations...what's wrong with this thought process. I'm an organizer, a devote planner and lover of the perfect presentation~none of which happen at the last minute.

Hence the look ahead at what in a few short weeks will be on everyone's mind~fashionable, unique fall accessories...

I present to you my latest hand knit scarf Blueberry Puree created with a variety of yarns and fibers against a 100% pure Merino Wool body.

Blueberry Collage 
Speaking of "blueberries", need a tasty accompaniment to your morning coffee? Nothing beats the softness and pure summer flavor of fresh blueberry scones...

Okay, back to work now...I have been loading schemata with a rainbow of new hand painted glass cube ornaments...you know, there are only 122 days until Christmas?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Diving Deep

Diving Deep into another world; a world filled with colors and patterns that provoke and intrigue.

Many layers of paint have been included in this creation along with altered paper (recycled, marbleized pages of National Geographic), and black ink details. The composition for Diving Deep was inspired by one of pages of National Geographic after the marbling process.

Altered magazine page that inspired Diving Deep

A closer look…

Diving deep collage

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today’s Lesson…

As summer is winding to an end and the kids are heading back to school I think it's important to keep the creativity and exploration alive, especially with many school budgets having to cut arts programs in schools. A couple of summers ago I had an amazing experience teaching art to kids through the Summer Art Camp at SLOMA. This is a project I develop for the classes and hope it inspires you to take the time to encourage and educate with your children.

First, do a little research. Learn what you can about Cubism and some of the artists that developed it such as George Braque, Pablo Picasso or Juan Gris; share some of their paintings with your kids.

What you will need:
Colored Paper
Straight Edge
Color Pastels, Chalks or crayons
Still Life Subject...I used a Guitar Hero Guitar
I chose a Guitar Hero Guitar for a couple of reasons; the kids recognized it and were excited to use it, it has a simple shape with little to no details so the drawing would be simple as well and they wouldn't get bogged down it the specifics and it was a nod to the many cubist artists that included stringed instruments in their images.

Part of the project also included an exercise with the color wheel and recognizing analogous colors-whatever color of paper the students were working on determined the entire palette for the drawing. For example; if drawing on blue paper the drawing included greens, blues, purples with the addition of white, black and gray. (A few of the students added a pop of an opposite color.)

Start by drawing the basic outline of the object with a few details-keep it simple.
Next, using the straight edge, draw lines across the paper at random angles and intervals.
Now using the pre-determined colors start filling in the shapes created by the drawn lines. Try not to use the same color next to itself and feel free to only shade the shapes starting in a corner rather than coloring in completely.

Guitar collage 2
If necessary, as the page gets filled with color think about shading around the subject to help it pop out.

Here are some of the finished drawings from the 7-9 year old class...

Guitar collage

Friday, August 6, 2010

Art After Dark

Gallery hopping is an exciting way to see new work, get inspired by what other artists are experimenting with and keep up with gallery trends. Like many communities, San Luis Obispo showcases new shows on the first Friday of each month with Art After Dark. The perfect time to see a variety of work, meet the artists and do a little elbow rubbing.

Tonight is highlighted by the opening of No Full Disclosure the first solo museum show for Robert Burridge at SLO Museum of Art. Burridge has become wildly popular through his many workshops he teaches all across the country, a high energy personality who has found a voice through his energetic abstract paintings.

Also featured tonight at Growing Grounds Downtown Store are the beautifully haunting ceramics of Patrick Terjak where I am hoping to see his latest anagama pottery.

Patrick Anagama Pottery from Patrick Terjak

Tonight's gallery hopping wouldn't be complete without popping into Linnaea's Cafe for a glimpse of unique metal sculptures from Sam Bonifas.

sam bonifas Metal Sculpture from Sam Bonifas

Don’t feel like going out? Want to start the artwalk early and often? Join artist Jessica Torrant and others on twitter by searching #FineArtFriday every Friday for unique art featured online.

jessica Everything But-Original Acrylic 52 x 89 inches (132.08 x 226.06 cm) from Jessica Torrant

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

As Far As the Eye Can See

Have you ever wanted one of my original paintings but it wasn't the right size for where you wanted to hang it? Perhaps the painting you had your eye on sold before you could snag it. Or maybe original art is something your budget just won't allow. I have found a solution for you with many flexible options...Imagekind.

 As Far As The Eye Can See-Acrylic on Paper, 10x11 inches (25.4x27.94 cm) Original Sold.

Imagekind is where you can find images of my original artwork available as prints. I have included a variety of my Abstracts, Figures, Wildlife, Landscapes and the ever popular Surfer Series many of which the originals have previously sold. At Imagekind you have a choice of sizes, paper or canvas as well as framing and matting options to suit your style.

I’m adding a few new images every week.
Still don't see the painting you really wanted? Let me know and I’ll add it to my gallery.

Imagekind is offering FREE SHIPPING this weekend~
Expires August 8th, 2010 Midnight PDT: Use Promo Code FreeShip0810


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