Tuesday, December 29, 2009


This last fall I participated in an art project called "#mailart", developed through networking artists on Twitter. Organized by artist Mark Philip Venema (@Art_News on twitter) artists were to create postcard size art depicting the chosen theme "human in time" and send out the works to the other artist. As we received the small originals in the mail we were to post them to a Flickr group pool for viewing including any new textures created through the mailing process. The styles and mediums varied amongst the artists and so did their individual interpretation of the theme.
For my series I tweaked the theme to "being human in this time, how this generation spends time". I also decided to create all my work on my iPhone employing various photo and drawing Apps available. I see it as an extension of how this generation spends time. Throughout the series you can glimpse how I spend my days, while also seeing how I see the world around me spending time. All the pieces start with a photo I have snapped on my iPhone then I edit and add effects to enhance and emphasize the scene or message I am portraying.
Some of my days I am lucky enough to spend time at the beach. Whether surfing or sitting and photographing, there is something to the refreshing serenity of being by the ocean. While I snapped this photo in the middle of the day but edited it for sunset, it just doesn't matter what time it is-it's just always relaxing. The original print that I sent out was one that did not fare so well in its' travels. Prints available, please contact me for details.


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