Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vicious Circle

I know it can be a vicious circle of blogging about somewhat else's blog, but .... I want to give a quick wink and a smile to my new friend at PipingHotPapers. She has taken the time to write a sweet little note about my work and my shop while announcing to the world the arrival of her new granddaughter Naomi.

Congratulations Alice to you and yours

Please check out her blog-Run Alice Run


  1. I think Etsy should always have a spot reserved for those of us who need our Treasury fix. My husband closed our laptop (thus disconnecting service) just before the treasuries opened. Of course, I couldn't admit why I was hanging around the computer and getting dinner at the same time. :-) There's always a next time!! You're my new BFF!

  2. Well Sarah,

    You work like I do. I have loads of landscapes on the go at any one time. The fellow members of my painting group seem to think I am eccentric because of this. Yet whilst they stand around waiting for a 'watercolour stage' to dry, or get to work with a hair-dryer, I probably have three boards I can work on. I usually manage to complete at least one full painting at a session. I don't think I could work any other way!

    Lovely work, and 'Happy Painting' to you.



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