Monday, May 11, 2009

Summer Business Exhibit

Last week it was time to hang a new selection of work in the Business Exhibit organized by the San Luis Obispo Art Center. My new location is Judy Klearman Investments in San Luis Obispo. She has been a participating business for about 8 years. Although her office is modest in size, she eagerly offers her main hall to a rotation of art every four months.

Along one side I have a group of photos from my Construction Series.

Across from reception are a selection of my abstract paintings that Judy had been interested in.

This show will remain at this location through the summer, until the beginning of September. If you wish to view the show please call ahead to arrange a time;
(805) 784-0106.

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  1. I have a business and I bet you could pick some great artwork to hang on my "business" walls. :-) I don't have many customers coming through my hallways (well, actually none), but I'd sure enjoy viewing new artwork every 3 months! :-)



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