Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Happiest of Holidays

Christmas WrappingPhoto by Katie Coordt

Yeah, that’s me…I just love the Holidays. A quick shot snapped unbeknownst to me by cell phone and sent to me sometime last summer as “fodder for blog posts”, gotta love family.

For many families it’s the holiday season that inspires and creates fond memories for years to come. Gathering for meals and performances of The Nutcracker, sitting down to watch Frosty the Snowman or Christmas Vacation, no matter the event they are all surrounded by holiday flare. Sparkling, colorful lights along with the fresh scent from the wreath on the door add to the warmth of the scene. The carefully decorated Christmas tree being the focal point of any holiday celebration is where I gain my devotion to create my hand painted glass ornaments. If one of my ornaments can help recall that special Christmas memory for years to come then I couldn’t be more honored.

My studio has been turned into a holiday workshop for my one of a kind, hand painted glass ornaments since early fall.

This week sets off the biggest selection of my ornaments available in schemata as well as a few new locations if you want to see them in person.

The Art Works…Paso Robles, California
Paso Robles Art Association Showroom…Paso Robles, California
San Luis Obispo Museum of Art~CraftArt Market…San Luis Obispo, California
The Gallery at the Network…San Luis Obispo, California
Marque…Laguna Beach, California
Moyaboya…Creemore, Ontario, Canada

And for one day only, Saturday, December 4th…at the Old Fashioned Holiday Bazaar, a fundraiser for the San Luis Obispo High School Band.


  1. Oh how I love your ornaments! They capture the sparkly, pretty colors that I love so much in Christmas decorations and remind me of the big fat colored bulbs on my grandparent's tree (which, though they present quite the fire hazard, are still used to this day!). I love that playful picture of you too. You sure would be a lot of fun to share some nog with. :)

  2. I so love this photo! You look so happy! Since I know how late in the day it was taken, I'm sure that some of that 'happiness' was alcohol-driven. LOL. Looking forward to a predominantly handmade Christmas this year at Afana Acres!

  3. great photo - how fun! love the ornaments.

  4. Oh, wonderful holiday photo and great ornaments...

  5. these are gorgeous!! I have a friend who lives in your town. I'll his wife to find you!

  6. Thanks everyone!
    Lot's more Christmas fun to be had!

  7. Funny photo! Beautiful painted glass! :)



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