Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Get Crafty

My sister and graphic artist Justine Nielsen of Juicy Graphics has taken some of my original artwork and transformed them into new designs for all types of crafting. Along with vintage script and other layers she has created designs that are downloadable for crafters to print and use in all the ways they can think of from original jewelry to scrapbooking.
Artisan crafter Alice Johnson of Piping Hot Papers has recently used the designs to create unique cuff links for a memorable special occasion.
“Inchie” designs used to create pendants and earrings by Justine, I like to call them “Juicy Jewelry”.


  1. Lovely! I love how it's a selling chain from your original artwork. :) :)

  2. Wonderful artwork... wonderful creations from it!!! great job Sarah, Justine and Alice!!!

  3. What a wonderful idea, Its so nice to see this cooparation between sisteres. I liked the Pendants it very fresh and unique!



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