Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hippity Hoppity

Team T International is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt full of fun spring finds from various handmade and vintage shops found on Etsy. Hop on over to see all the collections.
For me, crucial to a successful Easter Egg Hunt are just a few key details~
Make sure the event can happen Before the Rain.

When out in search of the hidden treats and treasures, don't forget to look In the Tall Grass.
And, maybe most important of all, be thoughtful in the goodies that  are to be found.

 What's an Easter Egg Hunt without the traditional, brightly dyed, hand dipped eggs. One of my family's favorite tricks for creating beautifully swirled and speckled eggs is to add a couple of bits of butter to the coloring cups.
The ProcessWhen you are about half way done coloring all the eggs, warm the cups of dye in the microwave just until it's slightly warm to the touch, enough to melt the butter. Then drop small bits of butter on the surface, allow the butter to melt without stirring. Now continue dipping the eggs into the colors, as the eggs go into the dye the butter swirls around and grabs onto the surface of the egg creating a resist against the dye. Unfortunately, after a few different eggs get dropped through the butter it breaks down on the surface and starts to lose its effectiveness, but by that time you should be finishing up.

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  1. Gorgeous dye process, Sarah!!!! Thanks for sharing!



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