Monday, May 17, 2010

Blood Oranges

A favorite flavor of mine....blood orange. It has a subtle influence of red raspberry combined with the tastiest citrus tang. While the actual fruit is available for a limited season there are many ways to tickle your taste buds with this special offering from the grove.

Blood Oranges-Original Watercolor Painting 14x14 inches (35.56x35.56 cm)

Blood Orange Finds1. Blood Orange Lip Balm by My Little Sunshine 2. Blood Orange Fine Art Photograph by Jennifer Dickerson Photography 3. Blood Orange Jam by Lemon Bird Handmade Jams 4. Blood Orange Loose Tea by The Ivy Keep

Blood Orange Margarita

What you'll need-
One blood orange-cut into wedges
Margarita Salt
A handful of fresh Red Raspberries-both for muddling and garnish
Tequila-amount and brand to your taste
Your Favorite Margarita Mix or Sweet & Sour Mix for a more tart flavor

Salt the rim of your favorite cocktail glass by running the cut wedge of Blood Orange around the lip and dipping in the bowl of Margarita Salt. Drop the orange wedge and about 4 raspberries into the glass, add the tequila. With a muddler, gently press down on the fruit squeezing out the oils from the rind and mixing with the tequila. Top the glass off with crushed ice and fill to the rim with mix. Garnish with a decorative pick of raspberries for snacking.
***Drink responsibly and always designate a sober driver.

Blood Orange Margarita Collage


  1. Blood orange so special, I also like it:)
    and the painting is so Beautiful!!

  2. Your painting is stunning. I too love blood oranges. They're so exotic.


  3. I am not a big margarita drinker, but I would make an exception for this, SJA! Yum. Beautiful painting.

  4. Mmmmm... Rachel's lip balm is fabulous and your painting looks good enough to squeeze. And, oh yeah, I'll need one of those margaritas the next time I'm at your house. I'll freeze some orange wedges to bring with me. ;)

  5. O yes-that margarita is as tasty as it looks.

  6. YUM. I want one of those margaritas. ASAP, Ms. Sara!



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