Monday, May 24, 2010

How do you take your coffee?

I am a fan of "a great cup of coffee" especially the perfect cappuccino. I will also admit to having developed a wonderful rapport with the ever overwhelmed yet still friendly baristas at the nearest Starbucks. Getting just the right balance of steamed milk to the tasty sweet foam makes all the difference in MY perfect cappuccino.

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Being Human in This Time and How to be More Productive in This Time-
iPhone Photograph from #Mailart Series

Most days for me though are spent entirely at home, working in my studio-and since the nearest Starbucks is about five miles from my home, running out for a cappuccino is completely impractical. Over about the last ten years I have tried a handful of personal espresso makers, everything from budget friendly to the ones with all the bells and whistles. For whatever the flaw many of these machines simple didn't survive but one still remains and will continue to be my stand-by, tried and true caffeine supplier. The affordable and classic brand of Mr. Coffee has designed an industrial styled, straight forward maker that continues to outperform the others I have tried all for the low price of about $40. The most used small appliance in my kitchen.

While I wouldn't say I am "obsessed" with coffee, I do love my series of coffee cup drawings. Originally designed as a class project years ago this series continues to inspire my exploration of a subject from many styles and concepts.

Coffee Cup Collage 
...and what goes perfectly with a great cup of coffee?

Dried Cranberry, Walnut and Lemon Scones

scone with border


  1. I *am* obsessed with coffee. Only Andy is able to brew it properly (I always mess it up) in yes, a Mr. Coffee, and I take it black. Hot when it's cold out, iced when it's hot (thought sometimes iced when it's cold because I love iced drinks). Strong, unsweetened coffee goes so well with sweet treats like scones. :)

    I love your coffee illustrations.

  2. I am obsessed with tea rather than coffee, but the scones go with both! I love your drawings!



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