Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Summer Tradition

Camping in the Sierra's is a summer tradition for me and my Mr. We have a couple of secret* spots that allow us to get away from group campgrounds and really explore the serenity of escaping our busy schedules. Don't worry; I recognize the humor in running up to the mountains to get away from what are almost weekly surfing Sundays. But there truly is a calming quiet you find among the trees that can't be reached listening to the wind and waves of the West Coast beaches.

Flickr27Being Human in Time-How This Generation Spends Their Time
iPhone Photographs from MailArt Series

One of our favorite areas is Chiquita Creek near Mammoth Pool Reservoir. There are many areas to explore without the crowds you may find in Yosemite National Park throughout the summer.

 Chiquita Creek-photograph

Along the Path Along the Path-panoramic photograph

The Water’s Edge I-Original Acrylic Painting on Paper, 7 x 15 inches (17.78 x 38.1 cm).

The Water’s Edge II-Original Acrylic Painting on Paper, 7 x 15 inches (17.78 x 38.1 cm).


  1. Beautiful photos--and I love the Water's Edge paintings (and not just because we live on a street named Wateredge!). I just wish there was a way to de-bugify the Great Outdoors. Not all bugs--just the biting/stinging ones.

  2. Wonderful pairing of the photos & paintings- very complementary. You have the best of both worlds out there! It's a good life!



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