Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Suspension Series

Bubbles form and begin to rise as they float or flow within a fluid they travel along changing shapes while separating or merging. If you could stop that flow and capture a split second to see them suspended it would be an image like no other. From this image my "Suspension" paintings have emerged through the application of isopropyl alcohol throughout the process I can create a one or a kind pattern.

Nucleation is a culmination of layers to create the many bubbles for which are cornerstones in the series.


Nucleation-Acrylic Paint and Silver Metallic Ink
on 1 ½ inch deep, gallery wrapped canvas 16 x 20 inches (40.64 x 50.8 cm)

Nucleation-cloe ups

1 comment:

  1. I. LOVE. THEM.
    Amazing and looks so much fun to do. I love to paint, but my hands are not so friendly to it anymore. I was thinking "abstract is the way to go." And so I need to explore ways to do that....oh how I want a giant canvas on a wall and buckets of paint. Just me and my hands. Wouldn't that be just an incredible experience?



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