Friday, June 11, 2010

Artists’ Tools Aren't Just Brushes

Artist Extraordinaire Ali Herrmann recently had some questions about how I came to be an artist and the ways I market my art. As I reflected on how I got I started I realized many of my opportunities to succeed have come from connections with friends and family. While I don't consider myself a "joiner", networking and maintaining a supportive entourage has created a basis for success I could not have accomplished alone. A BIG thank you going out to all who have know who you are.

Click over to Ali's blog to read the interview.


  1. Awesome interview on Ali's blog! Thanks for the silent shoutout. ;) I'm very proud of your accomplishments and successes!

  2. Well,
    I also think Sarah,
    that you success comes,
    because you just a fantastic Artists!!!!
    Off to read that interview:)



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