Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bee Up

The Artisans Gallery Team was challenged by one of their own, Roxana Villa of Illuminated Perfume, to create honey bee inspired creations to celebrate her passion for beekeeping and draw attention to the dwindling bee population. Along with the variety of amazing handmade finds many of us are participating in a series of blog posts started on June 24th with the Artisans Gallery Team, Blog it Forward-Bee Up. Yesterday Jen over on Sewn Natural Studio shared some fascinating statistics as well as some of her bee inspired creations.

As a visual oriented person I am intrigued by the structure of the combs, the layers, the colors and the pattern that can be found in a honeycomb. My original acrylic abstract collage, Brood Comb, is a study in the patterns and shapes I see in the natural structure.


Brood Comb- acrylic paint and collage paper with metallic (gold) ink detailing
on 1 ½ inch deep, gallery wrapped canvas 16 x 20 inches (40.64 x 50.8 cm)

Here are just a few of the other honey bee inspired creations from my fellow Artisans Gallery Team~

Honey Finds Collage 
1. Decorate the Diva 2. Illuminated Perfume 3. Piping Hot Papers 4. Jessica Torrant 5. Blue Bicicletta 6. Slinkymalinkicat 7. Star Bags 8. Jealousy Design 9. Knot Original 10. Ixela 11. Sea Pinks 12. The Joy of Color 13. Little Saplings 14. Sewn Natural

Check in tomorrow with Sharon of Knot Original as the Bee Up continues on Artisans Gallery Team Blog.


  1. Wow, it's beautiful and so is the other art in your shop. Thank you so much for including the honey dipper rattle with the other bee finds. I look forward to following your artistic endeavors in the future.

  2. What a wonderful look into your process! Thank you for including my artwork here as well.

  3. It's so interesting to see how your work develops into the finished piece, Sarah!
    And what a lovely surprise to find you've featured my sweater here, thank you!

  4. Sarah,
    Your art work is amazing it depicts your love of art and your high level of skill. I admire both of your shops here on etsy. Keep up the great work!
    I love your bee choices too! Thanks for including my earrings!!! ~Renee

  5. Fantastic post Sarah. I love seeing the process that went into your gorgeous Brood painting, it reminds me of how my husband works on his pieces.
    The orchestration the the team images is fantastic too. Thank you for Bee-ing!

  6. Wow! So beautiful! It's amazing how nature inspires you. I love seeing your process :)

  7. what an amazing insight into your art Sarah! wonderful to see the development of Brood Comb. I love your choices of other bee art work.

  8. Beautiful artwork! I love to see the process of your painted collage!!! and exciting blowing forward! Bee Up!

  9. Your work is magnificent, you have captured the honeycomb perfectly! Thank you very much for featuring my honey drainer print!

  10. Woww Sarah you really made a great Bee/Honey post... it's really so lovely to see all these stunning creations together and moreover to see you making one of your wonderful painting... thanks a bunch for sharing and for including one of my creations too :)))

  11. Amazing to see the process of your work!
    Thanks so much for the feature!

  12. Brood Comb is gorgeous, Sarah. I love the geometric structures seen in something organic and natural. I swear, the golden-honey color in your painting looks like it positively glows!

  13. Sarah, it's so great to see both the in progress work and your final piece hanging. Nice work on including so many bee-licious artisans!

  14. So interesting to see your work in progress! Your work is amazing! Thanks for featuring my ring :)

  15. This is a truly gorgeous piece! I love seeing your process here! Thanks for including my drawing!



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