Friday, July 16, 2010

Tweak your Traditions

I am a self admitted holiday fanatic and celebrating Christmas in July would be perfectly fun for me. I could go with a more tropical approach to the usual holiday traditions. Find a sturdy palm tree to decorate with bright colored twinkle lights and all the fun surfing Santa’s and pink flamingo ornaments I have collected. Host an evening summer feast on the porch with fresh fruit salads and tantalizing pineapple infused cocktails. Instead of carols by the piano, we’ll have Mr. with his acoustic guitar at sunset. A surfer girl can dream…

My early Christmas dreaming is the result of preparing for the busy holiday season by creating new hand painted glass ornaments. I am looking ahead with many new glass cubes to add to schemata. Since each ornament takes about a week to complete with all the layers and drying time between I tend to work in multiples. Below is a glimpse at the steps an ornament goes through until completion.

Cube Creation Collage 
My Christmas in July gift to you…free shipping in the U.S. and $5.00 shipping everywhere else with the purchase of 2 or more items available in schemata.

schemata collage 
Only 161 days until Christmas…


  1. I love seeing all the stages those pretty ornaments go through in their creation! Beautiful work, SJA.

  2. Those square bulbs are incredible. I also dig that you showed the process behind them.

  3. i agree! I love seeing the process - very cool little cubes you have going there!

  4. Thanks Karen, Robyn and Marla. I love finding different shapes to impress with and the process has so many techniques involved it's fun to share.



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