Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trick or Treating shouldn't be just for little ones...

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Never Grow Up~iPhone Photograph from #Mailart Series Being Human in Time

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Apparition ~ iPhone Photograph

After the little ones have gone to bed and left their coveted stash unattended is the perfect time to raid the booty of all of YOUR favorite sweets along with some extras to add to this delectable cookie...Blowout! This particular cookie has become a yearly splurge ever since my mother gave me a copy of Lee Bailey's Country Desserts. It is what every peanut butter cookie strives to be with the addition of dark chocolate chips, honey roasted peanuts and chopped miniature peanut butter cups (pilfered from the Trick or Treat bucket). And like all the creatures you see on Halloween, don't be surprised if all these cookies disappear overnight.


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  1. Sarah, is this your trick? Because it is just plain EVIL of you to post about this cookie but with no recipe!



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