Friday, November 5, 2010

Finding Fine Art

You never know when or where you will stumble across that artist whose work you just click with.


The Process-Original Acrylic Painting by Jessica Torrant

This week I joined artist Jessica Torrant, in her effort to promote Fine Art Friday, a movement celebrating and sharing independent artists online. In just a few short days we have taken what was the simple thought of sharing some of our favorite art on twitter, and hoping others would tweet along with us, into a grand plan including a dedicated blog, tumblr, Flickr Group Pool, Etsy Treasuries as well as its own twitter profile.

We encourage artists of all media to join in sharing in whichever form they choose and we REALLY encourage art collectors to have a look at what’s being shared.

To kick off this Fine Art Friday I am sharing a few abstract paintings I found while browsing Etsy (and one of my own…).


1. Spanish Symphony 2 by Brian Elston 2. Sinking by Michelle Daisley Moffitt 3. Storm Lancaster Avenue by Victoria Webb 4. To Protect by Linda J. Monfort 5.Cycles of Secrets by Tammy Ricker 6. From Below by Sarah John Afana


  1. It's been so much fun working together to make this a success! I love all of the paintings you've chosen, and thanks so much for featuring mine as well!


  2. This is a wonderful idea! Thank you for including my including my painting in your FAF feature!

  3. lovely to see how your idea is growing!



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