Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Springtime in the City

I spent a fantastical week in New York City recently and one of most stunning of spots can be seen while strolling The High Line. Spring has just started to peek out from under the wintery foliage and the walk along the line is a welcome introduction to fresh new buds among the cityscapes.

highline 5

...and what’s a trip to the city without some gourmet exploration? Just before my leisurely walk I made an event of lunching at Colicchio & Sons in the Tap Room.

Colicchio & Sons

With a menu to drool over my foodie friend and I sampled the crisp and tasty Frisée and Apple Salad, ventured forth with the Roasted Bone Marrow (a must try), couldn’t pass up on a truly wood fired pizza and indulged on the scrumptious Hanger Steak. All paired with what else? wonderfully flavorful flights from the tap.

Colicchio & Sons Pizza 2


  1. Um, you know this is exactly my kind of perfect day, right? That pizza photo is killing me. I cannot get any pizza here that comes NEAR New York pizza.

    I visited the High Line for the first time on my trip back last summer. It's a nice addition to the city.

  2. Well Karen...that pizza is EXACTLY what you want. No funky, overly gourmet toppings, simply mozzarella, tomatoes and basil perfectly burnt in all the right places from the fire.

    And I sympathize, I have been craving a great wood fired pizza for a few month and I can't get one here in my little corner of Cali.



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