Sunday, April 25, 2010

About 37

Etsy will be featuring collections on the home page from their newly designed gallery forum "Treasury East" all day Tuesday, April 27th. When the announcement reached TeamT International the wonderfully creative Amanda from Dawn Correspondence and Doilies & Daises excitedly said "Yesss I'm going to make about 37 T-Easts this weekend!!"...I just couldn't let that go so I challenged Amanda and all of TeamT International to see who could curate "about 37" galleries by Midnight, Monday. These collections must have a theme or color or something, no willy-nilly thrown together lists of randomness and they must include at least 6 teammates.

Dawn Correspondence

Dawn Correspondence2 
While many of the team members have curated some gorgeous and inspiring galleries, the contest for the “about 37” is clearly between Amanda and me.

Updated May 16th, 2010-Many of the “about 37” galleries have sold out and been deleted. If you are interested in viewing my current Treasury East galleries click here; for Amanda’s current galleries click here.

My Galleries-
1 Logically Circular
2 Blue Jean Baby
3 White Hot
4 Let's Go!
5 Haaaaaavvvvve ya met....
6 Falling in Love with a Black Bunny in a Vineyard
7 Counting Cats
8 Poppy Fields Forever
9 Peace and Quiet
10 Take a hike...
11 Refreshingly Delicate
12 Don't Wake Me...
13 Birds and Roses
14 Fruit Salad
15 Beautiful Blooms
16 "A" is for...
17 I spy....
18 Thinking Inside the Box
19 Patina
20 For Moms that Rock!
21 I LOVE my iPhone
22 Flutterbies
23 What cha gonna make?"
24 Pretty in Pink
25 Pucker Up
26 On a Mission
27 Your Special Day
29 Ooo, La, La
30 Pomegranate Mojito
31 So Many Green Thumbs
32 Al would be Proud
33 Twitchy Little Noses
34 After the rain the show begins
35 Tasty Treats
36 Starry Night
37 With a Cherry on Top

Amanda’s Galleries-
1 In Nature
2 Land and Sea
3 Game ON!
4 At the Cotton Candy Stand
5 Love at First Sight
6 Would You Like Cream and Sugar with That?
7 Knock Knock!
8 At the Train Station
9 Lazy Day
10 Cornflower
11 I Do
12 S is for....
13 Little Pinkie Running through the Field with Llamas Standing By
14 Take Note
15 I Can Read You Like a Newspaper
16 Somewhere Over the Rainbow...
17 Lovely Bones
18 Entertaining in Style
19 Handle with Care
20 Whiskers, Bandit, and a Game of Hockey
21 Golden Glamour
22 Under the Sea
23 Bite Me
24 Let’s Fly Away
25 Walk on the Wild Side
26 Queen Bee
27 Toadstool Home
28 Butterfly Kisses
29 Peaches n Cream
30 Chasing Midnight
31 Camp TeamT
32 A Moment in Time
33 Lemonade Stand
34 Pin a Rose on Your Nose

More creative galleries from the team-
Natural blue by AnnyMay
Promises by CatherineReece 
treasures by CatherineReece
Spring Greens by EdensWake
Dreamy by FiveForty
Pepper Jelly on Toast by FiveForty
the teamt blues by FiveForty 
Abstract Frame of Mind! by GlassEtc.
Emerald meets Pink! by GlassEtc.
How about yellow and fuchsia? by GlassEtc.
I'm so into Color! by GlassEtc.
It could be blue and yellow!^_^ by Handamade
Let's Make it Mint Aqua Green by Handamade
Into the blue by Ixela
Will you please be mine? by Ixela
Mother Earth by JennyNDesign
Bright and Beautiful by JulieGarland
Metallic Tones by JulieGarland
Minty Blue by JulieGarland 
A walk in the garden with Mom by nancywallisdesigns
Her Royal Highness by PipingHotPapers
blossoms and buds by SmallEarthVintage
Green Everywhere! by Trendyknitting
My favourite Etsians :) by Trendyknitting
Sunny Sunday... by Trendyknitting


  1. looks like you will be a busy girl this weekend. A fun challenge..and good luck to you and Amanda, too, if I may say so!..Thanks for including me in one of them, so far!!

  2. Fun challenge! I love it! The fruits of our labor will pay off on Tuesday ;) are also missing "Whiskers, Bandit, and a Game of Hockey". Is that on purpose, Missy?!? ;)

  3. Oh totally a blurry-eyed mishap on my part..would never forget about Whiskers :)

  4. I see Treasury East burn out in both of your futures! :-)

  5. this is an insane challenge! wow. good for you sarah and amanda! nice logo over on that sidebar ;)

  6. Great job, ladies! Very impressive collection of galleries. Maybe you should both consider a future as personal shoppers. (Or is that only my dream job?)



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